Current Event - September - Artist Lineup

2017.9.15 - 2017.9.17

Unify Stage Line-up

Psykovsky - (Osom Music)

Kri Samadhi - (Pro B Tech Records/ Touch Samadhi) Asheville, NC USA

Rip The System - (Rage Against The Machine Tribute Band) Denton, TX USA

Samyaza - (Cosmic Egg/Anomalistic Records) Oakland, CA USA

The Galactic Brain - (Psybertribe Records) Mexico City MX

Aeon - (Astral Tribe/Atrium Obscurum) Dallas, TX USA

Axiom - (Robotic Peacock/The Guild Sound System) Dallas, TX USA
A techno sunset

Ekimskrid - (Anomalistic Records/Samana records/Labyrinthine Crew) Iowa, USA

Ix Lattice - (Atrium Obscurum) USA

Joshuasca (Nerdy Psouth/Atrium Obscurum) Asheville, NC USA - (Pro B Tech Records/ Touch Samadhi) Asheville, NC USA

J-5 - (Atrium Obscurum) Dallas, TX USA

RoboJoe - (Atrium Obscurum) Dallas, TX USA

Sick Numbles - (Flux Family) Austin, TX USA

The Inka Galactic - (FYB/Technophobia Records/Quantum Digits Records) Austin, TX USA

Tryptogram - (1Stomp/FYB) Austin, TX USA

ULIXX - (Astral Sequences) Zacatecas, MX

XpikeNoixe - (Atrium Obscurum) Mexico City

Znataraja - (Scared Evil Records/Australians Records) Nashville, TN USA

The Temple

CatFish - (Astral Tribe) Austin, TX USA
Coming out of retirement!

Groovecluster - (Little Rock, AR)

Klinz - (Pinealiens/Psybass) Tyler, TX USA

Mark Vessel Project - (Dallas, TX USA)

Scott Stanley - (Dallas, TX)

SublingualSoundSystem - (Dallas, TX)

Psychedelic Deco by

All those silly, crazy, ooh la-la, somewhat blingy, quite colorful, beautiful, under-sized, and over-sized psychedelic décor pieces provided by Atrium Obscurum & Friends.

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Time Slots:

Saturday-Sunday 6:00-8:00