Current Event - May - Artist Lineup

2018.5.12 - 2018.5.13

Psychedelic Navigators

Mirror | Me - (Anomalistic, Painted Chaos, Labyrinthine) Poland 3h Lunar Ceremony
Mirror | Me is the solo project of Antoni Girjatowicz His music has been described with many words, from horrific to beautiful, and is geared towards a more ritual setting than a typical party dance-floor.

He began his journey into Psytrance in 2011, and since then has released EPs, albums, and singles on both underground and big-name labels, and had the joy to share his music on festivals and parties around the world.

He is the founder of PSEED and the experimental psychedelic label - Painted Chaos Project.

Ghreg On Earth - (on3 Media) San Francisco, C.A

Yoshua Em - (Discordia Crew, Anomalistic Records, Irori Music, Subterrean Dwellers, Postmodern Music) Mexico
Yoshua Em was born from one of the minds behind the project black dreamz, He started producing many years ago experimenting with sounds and different environments to find the psychedelic sound. This project is still produced under the name of Yoshua Em and recent projects such as Spiritual Em(feat Spiritual Science) and 7 Lunas (Ambient / downtempo).

SamYaza (Anomalistic/cosmic e.g.g) San Francisco, CA
Samyaza Project was founded in 2011 by Bobby B from Minnesota after producing electronic music for 7 years previously. Since starting the project, Samyaza has played his unique style of psytrance at Sacred Earth, Burning Man, and Eclipse Festival; toured India, Sri Lanka, Mexico, and Costa Rica; as well as hosted many underground Midwest and California events. Samyaza has featured on Goa Gil's Divine Dozen psytrance chart several times, and has shared the stage with many top electronic artists of all styles. Samyaza's music could be described as Psytrance/Dark/Experiemental with a downtempo influence.

Representing Anomalistic Records and Cosmic E.G.G. crew.

SEGGAE (Dekadenz, Cocowash Inc) México

Ekimskrid (Anomalistic Records, Samana Records, Labyrinthine Crew, Irori Music) USA

Herbert Quain (Absolut Shit) USA
Herbert Quain, the founder of the experimental psytrance label Absolut Shit, has been involved in the psytrance scene since 2003 as a DJ, producer, and event organizer. As the orchestrator of Absolut Shit, his goal is to provide a platform for unique artists to share their visions and push psytrance in creative new directions. His sets are designed to cater to the dance floor while showcasing unusual and distinct productions.

Hyperziio Earth Air Fire Water(Discordia Crew) Mexico
Bruno is the mind behind Hyperziio/Earth Air Fire water. He has been producing music for this project for 10 years. Expect a psychedelic set full of diversification of all kinds of sounds and feels.

IKARI (Twenty Five Recs, A.O) DJ SET-ASN

VENSKER (Twenty Five Recs, Blasteroidz) DJ SET-GDL

XPIKARI (A.O, Twenty Five Rec) DJ SET-CDMX

Psychedelic Deco by

All those silly, crazy, ooh la-la, somewhat blingy, quite colorful, beautiful, under-sized, and over-sized psychedelic décor pieces provided by Atrium Obscurum & Friends.

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Time Table Slots:


6:30-8 xpikenoixe
8-9:30 Zamurah
9:30-11:30 Ekimskrid


11:30-1:30 Samyaza
1:30-3:30 Hyperziio
3:30-5:30 Yoshua EM
5:30-8:30 Mirror Me
8:30-10 Seggae
10-1 Ghreg On Earth
1-3 Herbert Quain
3-4:30 Ikari
4:30-6 Vensker
6-? Xpikari