Current Event - November - Tribal Tejas

2019.11.22 - 2019.11.24

Atrium Obscurum Mexico Presents "Tribal Tejas"

Atrium Obscurum

Sacrificing what we are for what we can be at Tribal Tejas.

Along a narrow country road, turn off on a one lane dirt road, through trees, into a meadow, and in the meadow, a shelter where some nice people (people just like you and me!) will talk with you about leave no trace and what to do if things get intense. You pay a small fee for two nights of camping with your tribe and non-stop music from Friday to night to Sunday morning.

Drive on down the road into the forest, up hill and down dale, past more meadows… starting to see tents in the forest now, other people walking along, look, there’s a dome, people working, people laughing, people in love and you can tell that they too are brothers and sisters.

Welcome to Paradise!

Shortly after sunset Friday there will be an opening ceremony at the main stage, to which all are invited. We will give thanks for this beautiful land, for those who were here before (Caddo and Cherokee Indians), for the presence in our lives of those we love, for those we love and who are no longer here. We will give thanks for those who worked to make this gathering happen, for those who create and give to us the music, for those who traveled long distances to be here, for every single person at this gathering. Giving thanks for the forest, for the sky, for life, for love, for hope, for ecstasy, for peace, for nothing less than the opportunity for rebirth. Everyone is invited to bring something meaningful to place on the altar in the front of the dance floor.

The ceremony shifts into its next phase, the part where music fills the air, the trees, the meadows; the part where the dance is ecstatic and we begin to connect, riding the music, whirling, stomping (Oh yeah, it’s Tribal alright!), lifting up our arms, our hearts, our love, our vulnerabilities, our sadness, our joy, our very selves. Lights sparkling, people talking, dancing into the dark, hugging, swaying, skipping, flow artists flowing… The darkness is good and it’s safe and if you need a hand someone will help you.

First time travelers: as you can see, these gatherings are not about going to hear some music. They are transformational gatherings, where we’re all involved in making it happen, i.e., co-creating – and in every case, working toward a higher vibe, a higher experience, a tranceformation for everyone.

Join us! Bring your self, your being, your pain, your hope, your gratitude, and your respect for life and the lives of those who no longer here. Join us in lifting up the Native Americans whose land this once was, lifting up the Ghost dancers, the Shamans of the past, and yes, lifting up ourselves and our Sisters and Brothers.


Hughes Springs Texas
Armadillo Acres
2 and half hours east of Dalla

TICKETS or Paypal at You will receive a confirmation email


50 until November 1
55 until November 13
65 Gate
Kids 10-16 45
Kids 10 and under free


Friday 12pm-2am Saturday
Saturday 10am-midnight
Do Not show up after gate hours. Gate will be locked and alarmed with cameras!!

If you have any questions, then please email Atrium Obscurum
Stay tuned for rest of the event info!!

*Disclaimer…we are in no way liable for anything stemming from or relating to contact, in any manner, with aliens, machine elves, or cross-dimensional beings of any sort. Contact only happens through free will; it has nothing to do with us

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