Co-founder of Astral Tribe, Dallas’s first Psytrance crew and esteemed Dj of Universal Mind Productions,aeon Aeon continues to bring diversities of intoxicating harmonies to dance floors, now sixteen years from his humble beginnings with D1, Full Circle, and Eye 2 Eye productions.

His style can hardly be confined to a describable medium, so the idea of bodies of illumination moving through an endless twilight, though close to accurate, is still an understatement to the true and brilliant movement of coherences that takes place. Playing alongside of some of the most influential legends of trance from “Rabbit in the Moon” to “Shpongle” Aeon displays a full power tribal elegance intermixed with dirty acid drenched soundscapes designed to elevate the peak time dance floor to frenzied levels.

In the past two years Aeon has been focusing his time in the studio where he demonstrates his long time proficiency for digital sound design and incorporates it with his diverse knowledge of music theory. Now a proud member of the Atrium Obscurum family, Aeon is excited to be working with such a great collection of talented and energetic people.

Ally Fiesta

Ally Fiesta started her love electronic underground dance music in the aeon warehouse district of Arlington, TX in 2001. After moving to Dallas after college, she would support her dj friends while drum and bass played and was known as "the loudest bitch in the building." During that time, she traveled all over while networking with her notorious cards: Hello you have met Kitty B™. During this early time she posted event photos with encouragement from Core Records owner, Reggie, on with comical captions and highlights. From 2001-2003, Ally volunteered with a local chapter of harm reduction group,

In 2007, after Jessica told Ally about psychedelic trance events she decided to go after being told that some party goers freaking out & hiding during a set from Grapes of Wrath. Ally found herself in the middle of a dance floor at Recreation Plantation starring at the dj area trying to figure out why this sounded like sped up metal during Dragon’s set. It was then that DJ Uhm walked up & said, "This isn't Dallas anymore." No. Fucking. Shit. No guest list, no velvet ropes, no enclosed hot room, no stilettos, and everyone was making sure everyone else would survive the night with warmth and water. It was a full community effort. The small psytrance Texas scene was reliant on helping set up, run, support each other’s events. It was a family vibe. Later that year, she rode with trance addicts for AUM Fest in Eureka Springs, AR and it happened organically how these folks would become her trance family after hearing psytrance producers from all over planet Earth.

Ally has interviewed international and national psychedelic trance producers at When not trancing out, Ally is a brand ambassador, digital brand strategist, blogger and an accounting administrator.

Amber Joyner

I have always been in love with music. Throughout my life I was lucky enough to be introduced & then thrown Amber into many different genres, scenes. Starting with a love for metal, it’s evolved into a love for everything, edm being my absolute favorite.

I was first introduced to the psychedelic trance scene 2 years ago, in 2012. I didn’t really understand it when I first heard it, was way to much for my brain to process. The next year I attended my first psytrance party & it changed my life! The experience was just mind blowing. Since I have been going to festivals I have become more spiritual, I feel more complete & I look at life differently. I have been introduced into a beautiful community of souls that I am very elated to be a part of. It gives me great joy to be a member of such an amazing group of people who want to bring this experience to everyone.

Brian (Uhm) Aldridge

Brian “Uhm” Aldridge’s first taste of electronic dance music was at a Uhm rave in Dallas, TX in 1993. Instantly he was hooked by the sounds of techno, breakbeat, and trance. After a few shows he knew that someday he was going to be a dj. He started collecting records early on, but didn't get turntables until 1997. He spent a few years being a bedroom dj and playing house parties when he could till he got his first break to play a rave in 1999. By that time the progressive trance & house music he was playing wasn't doing it for him anymore. It was then that he was exposed to psychedelic trance and after a short while was asked to be a part of Universal Mind Productions; a psychedelic trance crew in Dallas.

As his love for the music grew, and as the landscape of the Texas scene changed he moved onto the next phase of his growth and started putting together shows with the crew Mistical Productions. This gave Brian some great exposure to the in-depth aspects of putting events together. Mistical Productions dissolved eventually which over time led to a new crew being created, Atrium Obscurum. Since 2007 Brian and the tight knit group of friends have been putting together intentional, theme based gatherings with the main focus of building community and working magic. The gatherings have only deepened Brian's love for the music, love for the scene and the community that they are continually focusing on.

Charles Kemp

I’m here because the music touches me on a deep level, because I Uhm appreciate the people and culture, and because I’m committed to doing things that matter. AO is an opportunity to help create beautiful things that lift people up – including me.

My first real psytrance event (the one where I Got It) was Deep in the Heart of Trances. At some point in the first deep night I realized that the music was about to penetrate me. I didn’t know if I should let that happen and then realized I didn’t have much choice in the matter and so I surrendered and let it in. Ahhh.

I’m married to Leslie and our son is David. I am a retired family nurse practitioner and educator. I’ve spent most of the last 35 years working with refugees and immigrants in community health and hospice settings. I’m a Marine combat veteran of Vietnam, a hippie, backpacker, traveler, gardener, author, baker, and after all these years, a dancer.

Something you didn’t know about me: The Limp Bizkit song, Bake Stuff is about me!

Dawn (DUBtilDAWN)

An avid dance music enthusiast since the early 90s, she would dance to anything from jungle, drum and bass, Soleil DubtilDawn Psychédéliquehouse, breaks, trance, psytrance to hip-hop. Creating art for different events was a catalyst that brought her into the influence of the dance music scene once again. Through her décor she met and was involved with some of Dallas’ finest promoters, DJs, sound technicians and fellow artists. From bars to clubs to galleries to outdoor festivals, you may have seen some of her works displayed. Specializing in 2D & 3D props Dawn does not limit herself to any media or substrate.

She started DJing in public after a psychedelic campout experience; she traveled distances in space and time, unlocking a burning desire to be expressive with the music she enjoyed – Dub. At the time she started playing out there weren't many DJs pushing the dub/reggae sounds. She’s been a long time reggae & dub lover. Anything from Tubby to Marley to Tosh… one of the local groups that turned her onto the neo-dub sounds was Sub Oslo out of Fort Worth.

When she’s playing music, which should evoke an emotional response in people, she hopes to see people getting into the message while grooving to it. Most of the dub/reggae influenced music has a clear message, portraying that of peace, positive forward movement, respect, tolerance, the unification of us as people, standing up for your beliefs & the ability to overcome even the most tumultuous of hardships. Pushing through the darkness.

Jessica Aldridge

I discovered my love for electronic music in the early nineties while attending raves and warehouse Jessicaparties in Dallas TX. I was attracted to techno and break-beats, and over time that shifted to drum and bass and Goa. In the late nineties I attended one of the Astral Tribe full moon Goa trance parties and was fascinated by the music. It was the year of 2002 that I found my new musical home, psychedelic trance! Through the next few years I attended numerous psychedelic trance gatherings, and my desire to become active in making them happen grew with each successive one.

So it was in the year 2007, with some close knit friends, that we started Atrium Obscurum. I am active in many of the facets of putting events together, and I am learning that I have a creative side that I didn't know was there. The creation of these gatherings has led to many fulfilling experiences; visiting new places, meeting new people, and creating some great friendships along the way. I am thankful for the experiences that I have co-created with the wonderful friends in Atrium Obscurum, and I look forward to all the beautiful moments that are on the horizon.

Johnny (J-5)

Haunted by a vision and driven by a dream, Jonny ­ who DJs under the Johnny name J5 ­ has been pursuing a vision ever since it first was experienced on Halloween night, 2001. The journey has been a long and winding one, and at times the path all but disappeared, but was never completely lost.

At the present moment, you can find him spinning music spanning a multitude of genres, but it is his intention, regardless of the genre, that the music possesses elements which are centered around rich harmonies and varying degrees of engaging melodies, all with the intended purpose of helping the listener experience a connection with their heart consciousness and transcend their constrictive realities. Whether that experience is achieved is unknown to him, but at the very least he hopes to provide an auditory environment that is for the most part fun and enjoyable. While at times it may get intense and challenging for some, he will always do what he can to bring it back to a place of relative resolution.

From downtempo rhythmic grooves to the fast moving, chugging basslines of high­energy psytrance and everything in between, J5 will do his best to provide a musical soundscape custom tailored for the present moment.

Melody (Mellow)

When Mello first got introduced to Goa Trance it was in 98 in a small oneKlapton room apartment and it did NOT resonate with her at ALL. She got talked into going to a renegade style beach party in south Texas (an Universal Mind Production) and was instantly Transformed into the dancing butterfly she is today. "It was the energy of the music, the power of the ocean and the mesmerizing moon that put everything into perspective, in that one night I Knew I was suppose to be involved with this music for the rest of my days on this planet." Mello has formed a beautifully deep bond with Spirit, Herself and her Psy Family because of these spiritual gatherings.

Besides Mello's love for music and dance, she very much enjoys spending time with her Shiva, their new little Baby Buddha (Kai), and the cat, Gypsy. She also enjoys kicking up dirt on her mountain bike, yoga, Taiji Quan, Qi Gong, reiki, gardening, etc. Basically if she is out doors and being creative she is a happy mello.

Nick (Apophenia)

Starting in 2002 in the rave scene in Dallas, TX, Nick found a love for electronic music and for all Apophenia night dance parties. He began playing drum and bass and UK Garage in 2003. Beginning in 2007 he found the Psychedelic Trance community and was floored by what he saw, heard and experienced. He fell in love with the tight knit community, the outdoor parties, and the deco! After a year of experience in 2008, he decided to step it up a notch and invested in a set of CDJ's and began to experiment with newer types of music starting with psychedelic trance and downtempo, as well as he began to get more involved with the production of events with Atrium Obscurum.

Having a natural eye for aesthetics he found himself inspired to create deco and put his energy into creating beautiful art pieces to add to the sacred space of out events. Musically he found himself becoming more interested in other genres of electronica ranging from glitch, dubstep, techno and tech house. Today you won't actually know what you are going to get when you hear him play live. It could be anything at any time.


I was summoned to the dance/electronic music scene in 1995. A fabulous party in a field Nicoleoutside of Dallas marked the beginning of a beautiful spiritual journey. The blissful shared dance experience amidst nature and the sky and stars grabbed my soul.

I discovered the psytrance scene in Texas around 2008. The high energy and intensity of the music drew me in. The friendly and genuine community kept me here. After attending many events and becoming good friends with many of the Atrium Obscurum crew, it was apparent that I was meant to be more involved with these gatherings and with this amazing group of beings. It is an honor to assist in creating these incredible, magical experiences.


The very time I heard electronic music I knew that I wanted it to be apart of my life in a big way. robojoeSo at the age of 20 I decided to pursue my dream and become a DJ. Over the years friends introduced me to many different genres of music and I fell in love with hard dance. Now 10 years later I have gotten to play at numerous clubs, headline in other cities and have opened and closed for major artists from all over. My styles include a variety of genres such as psytrance , hard trance , hardstyle , drum & bass , freeform, industrial , breaks , techno , house & retroclash. So be on the lookout for one of my sets cause I may be in your city !

Stuart Gordon

Hi, my name is Stuart Gordon, but you may address me as “lore keeper”. Nah stuart gordonseriously, call me Stu, most of my friends do. Whew, what to say? I became a psytrance zealot in 2006-ish. I Met Brian, Jessica and most of the other fine folk here at Aum festival in 2007. I feel a love and passion for psytrance music that I feel for few other things. Dancing to it has been the freest, and most at peace I can ever recall myself feeling. I also found a group that I was proud to count myself among. I try and share that love and passion with those who would share it with me.

I try and help out AO however I can, whether it be getting artists from the airport, or your basic grunt work. Also, I’m likely to give you an impromptu lesson in ancient history/mythology, as that’s kinda my hobby… you might wanna watch out for that if you get bored with that stuff. So, if its help, a stiff drink, or just good ol’ conversation ya need, just look for the guy in the blue facepaint, and I’ll try and sort ya out.

Sarah Lee

In the summer of 2009 I attended my first psytrance gathering. None of my friends were attending and at thatSarah Lee time I didn't really know anyone else who would be there. I'm not exactly sure why I went to Southern Oracle except for the fact that I felt drawn. I believe it rained 14" that weekend, flooding the dance floors. I vowed I would never return to an A.O. event saying, "psytrance makes my brain hemorrhage and it's impossible to dance to!". Now 3 years later I'm a proud crew member of A.O. and ironically enough find myself pacing the dance floor waiting for the psytrance to begin.

I feel blessed to be accepted and loved by such an amazing group of individuals. I've learned great amount about working hard, setting intention, and holding space over the past 2 years. This group of tight knit friends have slowly become my family.

My main areas of expertise would have to be staying still during deco meetings, promoting gatherings, hula hoop-dance workshops, and sandwich making. I look forward to seeing you at our next gathering. Much love from my heART to yours!

My name is Singularity3

Shawn first got involved in the dance and electronic music scene in Dallas in 1995 and has been passionately Singularity3 involved ever since. On special occasions he dj's under the name singularity3 playing primarily chill, downtempo and idm flavors but likes most anything electronic. He left TX at the end of 1996 where he spent 10 months in Atlanta and then landed in Colorado.

He began throwing parties in Colorado in1998 with Trustcrew and after moving back to TX in 2005 it didn't take long to get reconnected locally. Shawn is a big fan of Burning Man and outdoor events in general. The furthest he has traveled for a one night party was over 2000 miles. Now a father of 2 boys he's slowed down a bit but he brings his energy, attitude, experience, and party-throwin stuff to AO and does what he can to support the scene as it exists today.


Tyson (aka “Sonty”) is a force not to be reckoned with. Unless, that is, you’re the type that likes to Tyson reckon with forces. In that case, reckon away. Sonty reckons he likes to reckon. I digress…

Tyson found his love for the electronic scene in the early ‘90s after struggling and dispensing with some much misguided, pre-conceived notions. He grew up on classic rock, punk rock and speed metal and was known now and then to pshaw the idea of electronic music. Then one day something magical happened. He was somehow miraculously talked into attending a “rave” (it wasn’t a bad word at the time) in around 1993, and discovered that all his ill-gained opinions about the music and culture were just flat-out wrong. He was instantly hooked. He loved the dynamic movement, the complex layered sound, the camaraderie, the wild, vivid décor, and yes, even the PLUR (though don’t mention that to him. He’ll vehemently deny it)! After a few years of attending various raves and constantly searching obscure music stores for that perfect electronic sound, his old roomies Eric and Dylan (no, not the two troublemakers from Columbine High School, but two veterans of the DFW psytrance scene) came back from a road trip with a Cosmosis “Synergy” LP in hand. They said, “Dude, you have to listen to this. It’s called psytrance.”

Sonty listened. Sonty instantly fell in love.

After meandering about the “scene” for a few years then taking a break for a bit, he reconnected with his old school psy tribe in about 2009 and connected with lots of new family. ‘Twas then he realized he actually BELONGED there, and could contribute something to the community. He realized he could provide his well-honed DJ skills to the scene. No, not THOSE kinds of DJ skills (he’s pressed “play” on a CDJ or 1200 maybe five times in his life), but rather his DECO Jockey skills. He has built a very much “appreciated, humbling, and blessed” reputation among his community for his ability to build fun and meaningful decorative elements for our intentional gatherings. According to Sonty, “I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing with my free time than being part of and contributing to such an important and loving community and culture.”

It is through this community and their very powerful positive, loving and encouraging spirit that Tyson claims he has experienced a profound and much needed personal and spiritual evolution, and for that he is forever grateful. Just don’t expect him to express this appreciation by reeling back his penchant for being silly or making horrible, cringe-inducing puns. That, he claims, is an incurable disease he’s inflicted with and something we’re all just gonna have to deal with.


Upon discovering the rave scene in Dallas Texas in 2004, VuDuJuJu was instantly struck by electronic dance music and knew that sheVuDuJuJu wanted to become a Disc Jockey. After acquiring her first set of turntables at the early age of 14, she developed a passion for vinyl and turntablism using sample records and older music, and trance and in turn discovering the fast natures of Hard House/ trance and Dnb.

Through the last few years her taste in dance music began evolving. VuDuJuJu began to get down with some genres such as funk/disco house, minimal, electro, and old school breaks. By the year 2008, VuDuJuJu finally gave in to CDj's and discovered that some of the bpm's of progressive psytrance were very similar to that of hard trance developing a fascination for Goa trance, Progressive and Full-on psytrance. Having been a Dj for 8 years now, VuDuJuJu enjoys every minute of being able to provide not only sounds for people to enjoy but an experience for people to remember, and making the most from it.


Hello to you and a little about me. My adventure into the EDM “RAVE” scene started in 1993/94 going to the very Turning Leafunderground warehouse parties on Willow Street, DMC, all the HazeyDaze, A1 parties and more! In my teens I was more into the hard rock, metal, industrial and Punk sounds, so going to my first rave and witnessing DJs workin’ tables and getting my dance on was a life-changing experience for me. I could not get enough dance therapy and I found the best grooves in House, Breaks, Techno, and DnB. By 2002 I was beginning to grow tired of the “new” rave party scene. It lost a lot of vibe for me and it wasn’t fulfilling my soul – something was missing.

Then I found the psytrance scene and Goa trance and it blew my mind! In the psytrance scene I found a deeper connection to the music, nature, and community. I also reached a deeper understanding of my intentions in attending all these parties, which allowed me to focus more positive energy into the experience. It was in this community that I found the love of my life, Keith Hess. I also found great friends and an active role in the community experience with the Atrium Obscurum crew. Most of my involvement with AO is behind the scenes, especially working on deco and design ideas, creative co creating, setting up and tearing down, working gate shifts, and whatever needs to be done to help our events provide the best experience for everyone in attendance.

I am proud and honored to be a part of this crew. It is wonderful to see how far we’ve come and grown as a group and I pray that we continue to have success and continue to evolve to co-create these experiences together and for one another.

Keith (Klapton)


Laura Hernandez


Luis Hernandez


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