About Us

It was the year 2007 and all was well and good. Everything was in its rightful place, and yet there was this sense that something Deep in the heart of trances just wasn’t being fulfilled. There was a yearning, a desire, an itch that just needed to be scratched. Grouped together were a few talented and driven individuals who wanted, no needed, to make something happen. Stir up energy, shake things up, and leave their best intentioned indelible mark. It was then that Atrium Obscurum (AO) was born. This was the birth of something that would become magical.

Fast forward to mid-year 2008 and there has already been two successful AO gatherings, and we are already knee deep in creating number 3. At some point during the creation process we decided to infuse intention into the fabric of the gathering. Community was the focus on the intention. We truly wished to build community and to empower those who attend; to show them that the experience is theirs and to make the most of it. The gathering came and went, and wouldn’t you know it the intention shown Deep in the heart of trances through many fibers of the gathering. The experiment was a success.

Fast forward now to September of 2009 and we have just experienced the most trying gathering that we have ever built, Southern Oracle. Our intentions for the gathering again shown through in a huge way, and even the spirit of the “Neverending Story” theme lived itself out fully. Can you say fourteen inches of rain?!?! It was this gathering that cemented a sense of community really being built. People were helping other people because we were all in that intense environment together. People who paid to get into the gathering were doing everything they could to be of service to others and to us. It was the energy and assistance of people for a common goal that made that weekend what it was. This was a galvanizing moment for AO, and set the table for unexpected but oh so welcomed growth.

Deep in the heart of trances

That growth came in the form of new members being added into the fold. The energy, knowledge, wisdom, and expertise that these people have has been vital to the continued evolution of AO. We are now a group that is eighteen strong, with a wonderful balance of male and female. It is and will always be our focus of creating intention-driven, theme-based psychedelic gatherings that has Spirit’s mark throughout.

We look forward to dancing and sharing space with you!!!

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